HW Designs began in 1987 after its founder, Hope Lufkin, left a career in the fabric business, and two major NYC design firms, to branch out on her own. Her early experience taught her valuable lessons, such as the importance of color when choosing a fabric and the intricacies of designing a home, and gave her the confidence to start her own business. From that confidence, HW Designs was born.

At HW Designs, we pride ourselves on working closely with homeowners to learn each one’s individual style and taste. We guide them and give them the resources they need in order to create their own unique look. We love what we do; designing a relaxing, comfortable environment that reflects a customer’s sense of style is extremely rewarding, and the dedication to our design philosophy shows in the quality of our work.

While we specialize in decorating, we also do a great deal of renovation work. Our team of dedicated professionals works to execute the vision created through our collaborative design process. Together, we can give old houses, or dated kitchens, a new life!

Selling your home? HW Designs also provides staging services. We work closely with homeowners selling their homes to create warm, inviting spaces that new buyers can picture themselves living in.

Our new business concept, "Designer for a Day" has been wildly popular. For a small fee, we will come to your home and work with the furniture and items you have to create a total 'new' look that is extremely affordable!