Hope took on a big project when she agreed to redecorate my home. There was a lot of work to be done and she was so patient with me throughout the entire process. Her commitment to achieving my vision of a home was so appreciated, and I couldn't be happier with the finished product. Although I will always be reminded of Hope's wonderful work when I walk into my house, I still am able to look around at every room and see myself in it and the decision making process that transformed my house and made it my very own!

Hope is not only a fabulous designer, but formed a lasting relationship with me that felt so comfortable and friendly; we still keep in touch today. Working with her was hardly work, it was more like meeting with a friend to discuss an exciting project!

Hope acted as a great way for my husband and I to meet on common ground while redecorating our home. My husband and I have different tastes, but Hope offered us multiple options and expert advice for every project we challenged her with. We were actually able to come up with a look that suited both our styles. Throughout the projects, Hope was professional, helpful, thoughtful, and an irreplaceable asset during the entire process!